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Your True Voice

A Superior Vocal Training Program

You will experience a deeper joy and satisfaction in singing as you enjoy your newfound vocal freedom. You will feel comfortable with your voice and ready to try anything vocally, because you can. Without reservation, you will connect with your audience in a personal way and have ability to bring them into your world.

  • How to sing those high notes.

  • How to overcome stage fright.

  • How to sing correctly by finding your true and authentic voice.

  • How to identify vocal problems and correct them in your own voice as well as others.

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...and so much more!

VOCAL BOOTCAMP - Starting November

VOCAL BOOT CAMP is perfect for individuals who want to hone their vocal skills and gain confidence performing in front of a group. It provides a unique workshop setting where you can learn from each other and grow your ability to hear and execute the proper vocal techniques. You may register for as many classes per week. Every Thursday for Beginning class and every Friday for the Intermediate. Feb. 4th until April 22nd.

Get Real Results Fast!

Everyone loves Debra!

Read what they're saying about Debra's technique...

  • Mauli Bonner

    Music/Film Producer

    "Being trained by my mom since a child, I’ve always been at the top of my game vocally.  I took everything that I learned at home to LA and it has been working wonders for the music industry‘s top professionals. I’ve worked with Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Fergie, Kesha and many others. This method has perfected how to preserve and strengthen the voice, even in the harshest conditions.  Your True Voice [YTV] is regularly transforming non singers into accomplished music industry professionals. My mother, Debra Bonner, has developed the key to life-long vocal health."

  • Ammon & Liahona

    American Idol Finalists

    “Momma Bonner helped me recognize my vocal problems and then gave me the tools to fix them.

    She is so supportive. My confidence grows as I hear and feel my improvement. I am forever grateful!" Ammon

    "Momma Bonner is an amazing teacher who has helped me recognize my true vocal potential.

    I used to have a low raspy tone that I thought I could never improve. After training, my tone is clear and my range is higher than I ever thought possible. My voice is stronger than ever. It’s a miracle!" Liahona

  • Oyoyo Joi

    Broadway Actor

    "Singing for me is very special. Especially when I can convey what I’m feeling through songs. The technique designed by my mom, Debra Bonner, has allowed me to do so with ease. I feel that I have been given a gift in finding my true voice. I currently play Satine in the hit Broadway musical, Moulin Rouge. I’ve performed in two other Broadway shows, two national tours, and countless regional shows without vocal fatigue. In finding my voice I have become confident and fearless. Debra has helped me find my voice and I know she will help you find yours."

  • Nik Day

    EFY Award Winning Composer

    “Working with Debra has been amazing. She is helping me find my true voice and develop my muscles so that I can sing with a lot more control and ease. She not only helps me with my voice, but also inspires me to be a better person. Debra is a great person and it has been a pleasure working with her.”

  • Victoria Stephens

    Up and coming recording artist

    "Training with Debra Bonner in the Your True Voice technique radically transformed my voice, but more importantly, my life. I came to Debra’s studio to do something for me, having lost a lot of myself to the demands of my career and family life. What was supposed to be a few weeks of singing and creativity bloomed into the start of an incredible music recording career. Since then I’ve recorded my first EP album, with five original songs, and released my first single. My first song, Rockstar Life, gained 30,000 plays in the first two weeks on Spotify. Without Debra’s coaching and care for me as a whole person, not just a voice, I wouldn’t be my true self singing in my true voice."

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"I believe you haven’t fully used your voice until you’ve found Your True Voice."

Mauli B.